Asphalt Maintenance

About Duraseal Sealcoat...

DURASEAL is a family-owned subdivision of Bakhuyzen Landscape Management, specializing in a top quality asphalt-coating process utilizing Sealcoat - a heavy duty protective material. We stand behind all our products and workmanship. And as always, your satisfaction is our goal.

What is Quality Sealcoat?

It is a heavy duty protective coating--technically, a high-solids colloidal dispersion of selected coal tar pitch in water. Sealcoat concentrate is readily applied without heating at temperatures above 50 degrees fahrenheit. Upon curing, it forms a tough, charcoal black barrier of coal tar pitch heavily fortified with inert minerals--highly resistant to the most prevalent elements that damage asphalt pavements. Continuous laboratory control, as well as high volume production advantages, are your assurance of consistent quality.

Sealcoat is a solid investment...

Sealcoating costs little, but does a lot. A good sealer is common sense insurance for bituminous paved areas. Preventive maintenance is more economical than expensive repairs and replacement. The economy resulting from sealcoating is becoming increasingly recognized; sealcoat applied at a cost of a few cents a square foot preserves for many years a surface which would cost many times the sealcoating cost to replace. New pavements last longer ... old pavements are made to look like new.

Our Products Include...


  • rubberized hot and cold pour sealants

Blacktop Patch

  • ready to use for potholes

Oil Spot Sealer

  • to promote adhesion of sealcoat over oil and chemical stains

Tar Max R-100

  • an admixture to improve sealcoat's protective characteristics


  • fast drying. latex traffic paint


  • silica sand and black beauty boiler slag--added to sealcoat for increased wear and traction

Also Available

  • color coating for tennis courts